Hand-crafted linocut “Guardian of the temples” blue version


Komainu are mythical creatures from Japanese folklore, often depicted as lion-dogs. They are traditionally placed at the entrance to temples and Shinto shrines to protect them from the forces of evil.

This linocut shows a blue version of a komainu. He is shown standing with a powerful posture and an aggressive face. The angular lines and dark tones of the engraving lend it a mysterious, intimidating atmosphere. This linocut is a one-off, handmade piece. It’s perfect for fans of Japanese art or mythical creatures. Add this unique linocut to your interior!



FREE delivery
Certificate of authenticity
100% Handmade
Wenzhou paper
Format 29.7 x 42 cm
Due to the nature of engraving, each print is unique and may therefore be a little different from the others. There may be some imperfections or small unprinted areas. Sold without mount or frame.

Additional information

Choice of paper :

Paper mulberry tree




30 g/m2 for Wenzhou paper


21 x 21 cm




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