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In this guide to linocut, discover the engraving technique known as linocut. This process of engraving on linoleum enables original creations to be created by hand. Discover the key steps involved in making your own prints from home. From choosing the right tools and supports, to the final print, follow the steps and find all my advice and technical explanations to introduce you to this marvelous technique.

Characteristics of my linocuts
Characteristics of my linocuts

Find in this article the approach, the process of creation of my linocuts as well as the supports and tools that I use in my workshop.

which press for linocutting
Which printing press for linocut ?

From the spoon, through the baren to the savings presses, we will see in this article the different tools you can use to make your linocuts.

Which paper to use for linocut
Which paper to use for linocut ?

The choice of the paper used for linocut is essential. In this article, we will see my tips and tricks to choose them well.

How to make linocuts
How to make linocuts ?

Find all my tips and technical explanations to make beautiful linocuts. Tips, tools and good plans are in the summary of this article dedicated to relief printing.

which inks for linocuts
Which ink for printmaking?

How to choose your inks to make beautiful linocuts. Here’s the answer I’m going to answer and give you my tips for quality prints.

How to sharpen your linocut gouges?
How to sharpen your printmaking tools?

I will explain how to easily maintain and sharpen your linocut gouges so they stay perfectly sharp.

saving technique engraving
Relief printing: What is this engraving technique?

Linocut is a relief printing technique that requires the use of gouges to carve a material called linoleum.

which gouge for linocutting
Which Linocut Carving Tools for Block Printing?

Find all my advices and explanations to choose the best Lino Cutting Tools. I will also show you which gouges I personally use for my creations.

what is linocut
What is linocut printmaking ?

Linocut is a relief printing technique that requires the use of gouges to carve a material called linoleum.

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