Linocut of the Okunoin Mao-den temple of Mount Kurama Blue


I am transported by the magic of the Mount Kurama forest, located north of Kyoto. This place is a true sanctuary of tranquility and preserved nature, where it is possible to walk and meditate in peace, without being disturbed by tourists. The landscapes are breathtaking, with giant cedars that let the sunlight filter through. At the heart of this mountain is the Okunoin Mao-den temple, which exudes unparalleled beauty and serenity. I was so impressed by this place that I wanted to immortalize it in my collection of linocuts in Prussian blue.

Each of the 100 prints is signed and numbered, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. If you choose the “handmade paper” option, please note that the paper is made in our own workshop.



Handmade paper made in our workshop
Handmade paper made in our workshop

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Certificate of authenticity
100% Handmade
Handmade paper made in our workshop
Format 21 x 29.7 cm
Find all the characteristics of my linocuts
Due to the nature of engraving, each print is unique and therefore may be a little different from the others. There may be some imperfections or small unprinted areas. Sold without frame.

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Black & White, Blue

Choice of paper :

Paper mulberry tree


250 g/m² for ultra white satin paper
30 g/m² for wenzhou paper (Japanese mulberry)






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