Japanese linocut of the Daruma from Osaka’s Katsuo-ji temple


During our visit to Katsuo-ji temple, north of Osaka, we had the chance to walk around in magnificent weather and complete peace and quiet. The temple, renowned for its splendor and serene ambience, houses an impressive collection of daruma. These traditional Japanese figurines, symbols of perseverance and good fortune, made a deep impression on me. Their presence in the temple, scattered and stacked with symbolic intent, tells a story of faith, hope and the never-ending quest for happiness.

I really wanted to create an overall print of a few daruma arranged one on top of the other. I had already dealt with the subject on a
smaller daruma print
but this time I wanted to show more of them and play on accumulation and contrasts, staging these lucky charms as never before.

Each step of this engraving has been meticulously crafted by hand, accentuating the unique texture and visual depth of the work, printed on Japanese mulberry paper. This creation is a tribute to the beauty and mystery of daruma, and to Katsuo-ji temple, a place where the spiritual meets the visual in perfect harmony.

This print is dedicated to all those who, like me, are captivated by the richness of Japanese traditions.



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Certificate of authenticity
100% Handmade
Wenzhou paper
Format 29.7 x 42 cm
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Due to the nature of engraving, each print is unique and therefore may be a little different from the others. There may be some imperfections or small unprinted areas. Sold without frame.

Additional information

Choice of paper :

Paper mulberry tree


30 g/m2 for Wenzhou paper


Black & White, Blue


A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)




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