Japanese linocut Tsukimi Migi


This linocut depicts a scene from Tsukimi, Japan’s traditional moon gazing festival. Tsukimi means “to look at the moon” and takes place between mid-September and early October, when the full moon is at its brightest and most beautiful. It’s a festival of gratitude to nature and prayer for a good harvest.

This linocut shows the back of a Japanese woman wearing a yukata, a lightweight kimono worn in summer. She admires the full moon in a starry sky. The yukata is a traditional garment that symbolizes freshness and simplicity. It is often worn during popular celebrations or fireworks displays. It is completed with Tsukimi Hidari linocut



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Certificate of authenticity
100% Handmade
Format 21 x 21 cm
Because of the nature of engraving, each print is unique and may therefore be a little different from the others. There may be some imperfections or small unprinted areas. Sold without mount or frame.

Additional information


Black & White, Blue

Choice of paper :

Paper mulberry tree


250 g/m² for ultra white satin paper
30 g/m2 for Wenzhou paper






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